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Rectors of Braidwood from 1843

James Allan                                                      1843-70
C.J. Byng                                                          1871-77
E.G. Pryce                                                        1878-79
E. Hutchings                                                     1880-84
C.L. Handcock                                                  1885-88
J.S. Dobson                                                      1888-1904
W.J. Ellis                                                            1904-11
T.A.Cato   (Canon Eccles Locum 1915)           1911-16
W.D. Kennedy                                                  1916-21
C.W. Wilder Clarke                                           1921-24
H.F.A. Champion                                              1924-35
D.E.F. Blanche                                                 1935-41
J. Rose                                                             1941-50
E.M. Cutcliffe                                                    1950-55
A. Smith                                                            1955-56
C Reeve                                                            1956-60
D. Black                                                            1960-65
K.S. Crossley                                                    1965-67
A.W.Bosser                                                       1967-72
G.D. Sibly                                                          1972-77
M. Vercoe                                                          1977-82
M. A. Cohen                                                      1982-84
F. Phillips                                                          1984-87
W. Stegemann                                                  1988-90
I. Lipscomb                                                       1990-94
A, Dittmar-McCollim                                          1994-96
R. Moon (Locum)                                              1996-97
M. Sweeney                                                      1997-2002
K. Foster                                                            2002-08
G. Hoad                                                             2008-11
P Lord (Locum)                                                  2011-12
G Varcoe (Intentional Interim Priest)                 2011-2014

Anglican Women
Anglican Women previously known as the Guild and Churchwomens Union have been active in the Parish for over 67 years. The ladies have always been on hand for catering, cuppas after special services etc. They have sent cards to parishioners for marriages, births, deaths and ill health. They have also supported Anglicare and Missions and the Parish.
Over the years numbers have been dwindling due to various reasons and the group is now unable to carry on in the capacity of the past. At a meeing held recently it was agreed to disband in its current form.
At a service of thanksgiving held in St Andrews on Wednesday 14th May 2014 a plaque was dedicated  in Recognition of the Anglican Women's outstanding contribution to the Parish and the Fabric of St Andrews Church. 
We give thanks for the work of Anglican Women in the Parish over many years and their contribution to the life of the Parish and to the Community.

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