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Anglican Parish of Braidwood


Rectors of Braidwood from 1843


James Allan 1843-70

C.J. Byng 1871-77

E.G. Pryce 1878-79

E. Hutchings 1880-84

C.L. Handcock 1885-88

J.S. Dobson 1888-1904

W.J. Ellis 1904-11

T.A.Cato (Canon Eccles Locum 1915) 1911-16

W.D. Kennedy 1916-21

C.W. Wilder Clarke 1921-24

H.F.A. Champion 1924-35

D.E.F. Blanche 1935-41

J. Rose 1941-50

E.M. Cutcliffe 1950-55

A. Smith 1955-56

C Reeve 1956-60

D. Black 1960-65

K.S. Crossley 1965-67

A.W.Bosser 1967-72

G.D. Sibly 1972-77

M. Vercoe 1977-82

M. A. Cohen 1982-84

F. Phillips 1984-87

W. Stegemann 1988-90

I. Lipscomb 1990-94

A, Dittmar-McCollim 1994-96

R. Moon (Locum) 1996-97

M. Sweeney 1997-2002

K. Foster 2002-08

G. Hoad 2008-11

P Lord (Locum) 2011-12

G Varcoe 2012-14

D McGuire (Vicar)

Rev Canon Eccles of New Zealand acted as locum while Rev Cato holidayed in New Zealand. Rev Ron Moon acted as locum 1996-67 and Rev Peter Lord 2011-12.

Interesting to note that in 1911 Rev. Ellis exchanged parishes with Rev T A Cato of Leura and in 1916 a triangular exchange of parishes was made by the Rectors of Braidwood, Gunning and Murrumburrah, by which the Rev T Anson Cato went to Gunning, Rev H Cregan from Gunning to Murrumburrah and the Rev W D Kennedy from Murrumburrah to Braidwood. This received the consent of the Bishop and local nominators.

Revd Kennedy and Revd Wilder Clarke exchanged Parishes in 1921.

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