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Anglican Parish of Braidwood

Union Church Araluen

Union Church Araluen

Centre of Araluen

The village of Araluen is situated around 30kms from Braidwood.  Araluen is well  known for its stone fruit and vegetables.


During the Gold Rush Araluen was a Parish in its own right with a Parish Church of St John. Majors Creek was a part of  the Araluen Parish at that time. With the gold running out Araluen Parish was reattached to Braidwood in 1880 . St Johns was completed and opened in 1869 with two services being held on that day with hundreds of people including children attending. It was reported that the manner in which this beautiful edifice had been erected attests the love which the Church of England people of the valley have for their zealous pastor, and we hope that he may long be permitted to remain amongst them.


Services were discontinued in St Johns in 1913 and eventually the building collasped and left to lay in ruins.


Araluen Clergymen


W. Allworth                       1852-55

C.H. Rich                          1856-64

A. Likely                           1864-66

D. Jones                           1867

A.D. Faunce                     1868-70

R.T. Earl                           1871-74

J. Clampett                       1875

Vacant                             1876-78

Mr J. Clarke                      1878-79

Reattached to Braidwood   1880

In 1911 a Church was built on land donated by William Mundy on the condition that a Union Church be built for the use of all denominations.


Anglican services are now held alternately with the Uniting Church in the small but well preserved Union Church on the second Sunday of each month at 2-00pm.

Sunday 22nd December 1940 saw a large congregation attend to take part in the dedication of new furnishings and appointments in the Union Church.  They included a stately coachwood Altar and reading table, with a carved ornamental cross in a circle on its front, the cross representing sacrificial love and the  circle eternity. A new reredos of blue tapestry was hung by thick blue cord loops from spear pointed brass rod.
A brass book rest was placed on the altar in memory of Mr Norman. A beautiful fair-linen cloth was the gift of Mrs G Goward. 
After the act of dedication and its appointments Canon Blanche placed on the Altar the original communion set used in the old St John's Church in the middle of last century.
After the service the Rector on behalf of the Araluen Anglicans presented Mrs Goward with a set of crystal beads as a token of gratitude for her many years of devoted work as organist of the Church of England congregation. She received a lovely bouquet of flowers from young Ross Ivers.

Many helpers had kindly and painstakingly assisted to prepare the church and to carry and to unpack the furnishings. As a result of all these efforts, and the use of the funds which were proceeds of sales of furnisher from old St John's Araluen the Union Church is a thing of beauty within and a true House of Prayer.

On Sunday 9th October 2011 the Union Church was packed to overflowing for a service to commorate its centenary.

A plaque was dedicated to the memory of Pierre (Peter) Harrison 1903-1977 A Dedicated Member of the Congregation and Trust Member for many years.

Following the service all gathered at the Araluen Hall for afternoon tea and a chance to reminise of times gone by.


Bell Organ c1887

Interior of the Union Church